Updated health instructions in Qatar starting from January 1st:


1-    Some health policies have been updated according to the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar, concerning the COVID-19 news.

2-    It is the responsibility of travelers to Qatar to know about any changes to the travel and return policy through official sources and websites before planning to travel to Qatar.

3-    Vaccination certificates should be ready and valid to fulfill the comprehensive measures in Qatar.

4-    Ehteraz app, Qatar's COVID-19 tracing advanced application is mandatory to be downloaded to enter Qatar. (read more)

5-    A PCR test (before 48 hours of arrival to Qatar) is highly recommended to be made before entering Qatar.

6-    Updated until today, Quarantine is not mandatory for all travelers arriving from abroad ( we recommend following up on daily updates on the MOPH website for travel policy)


Please also consult the links below:

·       Travel and return policy: https://covid19.moph.gov.qa/EN/travel-and-return-policy/Pages/default.aspx.

·       Ehteraz registration: https://www.ehteraz.gov.qa/PER/?language=en.