Other Calls


Submit your abstract of panel before January 1st.

Conference tracks

  • Developmental States, Policy Making for Complex Challenges and Professional Delivery by Civil Servants Call-for-paper
  • Rethinking the Role of Sport for Public Governance and Civil Society : Call-for-paper
  • Cities and Global Challenges : Call-for-paper
  • Complexity of Public Power's Answer to Tourism Challenges : Call-for-paper
  • Strategic Planning for Urban Resilience in Local Government : Call-for-paper
  • The Digital Transformation of Public Administrations for Effectiveness of Public Services : Call-for-paper
  • Twin Transition and Platformization of the Economy as a Prerequisite for the Development of the State: Call-for-papers
  • Blockchain and Governments : Call-for-paper
  • Fighting Corruption During Emergencies : Call-for-paper
  • HRM Reforms in the Public Sector: Career and performance of civil servants : Call-for-paper
  • Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships in the MENA Region : Call-for-paper
  • Digital Transformation and Principles of Effective Governance for Sustainable Development : Call-for-paper
  • Pan-African Public Administration and Sustainable Development Goal 16 : Progresses and challenges : Call-for-paper
  • The Challenge of Training and Building Capacities on Sustainable Development Goals : Call-for-paper
  • Skilling, Reskilling & Upskilling for Professional Development of Public Servants & Policymakers : Call-for-paper
  • The Civil Service Training of Public Administration Governance : From Knowledge Creation to Competence Building: Call-for-paper
  • Social Innovation, Commons and Administration : Call-for-paper
  • Innovation publique : Créativité, réactivité et agilité Modernisation vs. refonte de l'administration publique: Call-for-paper
  • تحديات وتوجهات إدارة الموارد البشرية بدول مجلس التعاون : Call-for-paper